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Group Exercise Staff Background Information

Lori Krimbill is Group Fitness Director at the Genesys Athletic Club as well as a group fitness instructor. Lori has her Masters Degree in Exercise Science and is certified as a group exercise instructor through NDEITA. She has been active in aerobics her entire life and is happy to be getting others involved through her teaching. Lori’s goal is to expose those who might never step foot in the weight room to a fun and energizing workout with free weights in a group setting. In helping members strengthen, tone, sculpt and define their muscles she also feels an important goal is to decrease muscle loss as we get older and ward off osteoperosis.
Ruth Anne Harmes is responsible for the senior program and REACH - a woman's wieghtloss program. She has 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and finds that she still has to teach because it empowers people to feel better about themselves. Ruth Anne is certified through AFAA as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer/fitness counselor and is also a certified CPR instructor through the American Heart Association.
Linda Fitchett, one of our REACH coordinators and fitness instructors, is a group fitness instructor with 20 years of experience teaching a variety of classes and populations. She loves to teach and is always finding ways to make her classes interesting and fun. Linda is certified through AFAA as well as the Arthritis Foundation.
Ann Hobbs, one of our spinning instructors, has been working in the fitness industry since 1985. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education/Exercise Science from California State University, Long Beach and a Certificate in Personal Fitness Instruction from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), she has helped individuals of all ages and fitness levels achieve their lifestyle goals of health and fitness. She is passionate about helping people achieve their personal healthy best by teaching fun, educational and motivating classes. Additionally, Ann is certified in Spinning, Reebok Studio Cycling, massage therapy and group exercise instruction.
Dawn Herm has been a fitness professional for 13 years and a R.N. for 11 years. Dawn enjoys helping people meet their fitness goals and feels having fun along the way leads to permanent lifestyle change. She is certified through A.C.E.
Geri Johnson, one of our pilates instructors, has a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and an Associates Degree in Science. She has been teaching various group exercise classes since 1983 when she became a certified group exercise instructor through AFAA. Since that time she has become certified in Pilates, senior exercise, personal training, CPR and first aid. Currently Geri is working on her thesis as a Fitness Practitioner through AFAA. Geri enjoys helping people reach towards a higher quality of life via body, mind and spirit”.
Kendra Tuscher is one of our senior splash instructors.
Leslie Braun, one of our spinning and yoga instructors, H20 and tri-athlete personal trainer - has been a fitness professional since 1993. Leslie feels teaching is a fun way to show others how easy it is to stay fit and feel great. Her fitness goals are to become a personal trainer and help athletes with identifying and obtaining their personal training goals. Leslie is certified through AFAA, Johnny G Spinning and the Arthritis Foundation.
Sue Ann Callahan, one of our muscle pump, step, and core instructors, has been a fitness professional since 1992 and has taught in Minneapolis, Rochester, N.Y., Chicago and now at the Genesys Athletic Club. As a group exercise instructor she helps others successfully and safely meet fitness goals through fun and effective workouts. She is certified through A.C.E.
Gay Byrd, our fitness instructor for jump roping, has been a certified NDEITA group fitness instructor for 20 years. She has a passion for helping individuals achieve their personal best. She is also an ACE personal trainer at the GAC.
Nicole Richard is a group fitness instructor certified through AFAA and has a unique story. After moving to Michigan for her husband's job, she found herself in unfamiliar territory, leading a sedentary life and topping 260 lbs. A surgery to repair a hernia led her on a weight loss journey of 140 lbs. Because of this experience and love of teaching, Nicole strives to be a motivational fitness instructor for others who struggle with eating and exercise. She has a five year old son named Garrett.