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I am 8 weeks pregnant, due at the end of the Summer, and am about 15 lbs overweight from the birth of my first child. I am interested in getting a membership and working to maintain a healthy pregnancy and to possibly keep my weight gain to a minimum. What exercises would you recommend and what type of weekly plan, I would like to work out 4-5 times a week, would you put together for a pregnant woman?
Before starting any exercise program, you must have clearance from your doctor. Many exercises are considered safe in throughout your pregnancy. Some modifications must be made to your program after your first trimester. Weight bearing exercises such as walking are considered safe as long as you are not uncomfortable or considered high risk. You may enjoy swimming or riding the recumbent bike as well. Most strength training exercises are safe throughout your pregnancy. Stretching should be very gentle due to relaxin, a ligament relaxing hormone released during pregnancy to prepare for child birth. If you have specific questions, consult a Genesys Personal Trainer who will work with you based on your needs.