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Hi I am a 25 year old female trying burn off about 8-10 lbs of fat. I weight train 3 times a week and do cardio 6 times a week. I’ve been falling asleep at 11:00 at night and waking up(naturally) wide a wake at 5:30 or 6 in the morning so I go and do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. Well when I’m done doing 30 min of intense cardio I have a high protein breakfast and then I get really drowsy and fall asleep for about 1 to 2 hrs before work. Is this okay?
TOO MUCH! Your body is telling you it needs a break. You should eat before you do cardio, do your cardio, then get ready for work. If you are tired throughout the day, you should try to go to bed a little earlier. By sleeping after eating, you are storing all those calories...not something you want after you just worked out. Try to fuel yourself all day long and see if that helps with your energy level. If you need more suggestions and ideas, come see a personal trainer at the GAC. They will help you coordinate a workout routine along with dietary suggestions to get the most bang for your buck.