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I just purchased a scale to monitor both my weight and body fat per centage, which includes an estimate of daily caloric intake necessary to stay at a current weight. Like the majoriy of gym members, I'm trying to burn fat, not muscle, when I exercise. What is the best way to ensure this? I try to play racquetball twice per week, I've just started yoga class (Regan's awesome!), use the elliptical trainer and walk at least 3x per week, as well as lift weights for about 15 min after my racquetball sessions. I'm also following Weight Watcher's guidelines for my diet. Again, it would be nice to lose ~20#, but how do I concentrate on losing fat? Thanks for your insight and advice.
Congratulations on your decision to lead a healthy lifestyle! You've taken a step in the right direction. Performing both cardiovascular and strength training exercises will help to build a lean, strong body. When performing cardio, try interval training and working at a high intensity (just like playing racquetball). For your strength training, make sure you're training with intensity, that is, working your muscles to failure or fatique. Incorporate all major muscle groups by performing exercises like leg presses, chest press and lat pull downs. As you progress with your strength training, try a split routine. Always consult a trainer if you're unsure of what you should be doing. As for your diet, Weight Watcher's will hold you accountable for the calories you consume, but, consider where your calories are coming from. Are you eating high quality carbohydrates or low quality sugar-laden foods? Are you consuming good fats or unhealthy saturated or trans fats? Nutrition plays a huge role in your results, some experts (myself included) say 80%! For more information on healthy eating habits you should consider attending the Meal Patterning seminar on Saturday, November 9th.