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In-Cooperation with the Genesys Athletic Club:
2003 Chesaning Summer Tennis Program

June 9 – July 10
Location- Cheasaning High School Tennis Courts

Future Stars - All the basic skills of tennis will be covered, such as grips, volleys, backhands, forehands, serves, overheads, lobs.

9:30-10am Mon or Wed.
$20 for 5weeks.

Grade 1&2
10-11am Mon or Wed
$40 for 5weeks.

Grade 3-4
11-Noon Mon or Wed
$40 for 5weeks.

Grade 5&6
2-3pm Mon or Wed
$40 for 5weeks.

Grade 7&8
4-5pm Tues and Thur
$80 for 5weeks.

High School Training I- Tues and Thur. 1-2:30pm. $120 for 5weeks. Designed for beginning High School Players or those with minimal experience.
High School Training II- Tues and Thur. 2:30-4pm. $120 for 5weeks. Designed for experienced High School Players.
Middle School- Mon and Wed 3-4pm, $80 for 5weeks. For juniors who have received prior tennis instruction.
Match Play –Participation in lessons automatically enrolls you for match play. High School play on Mon and Wed. 2-4pm, Middle School plays on Tues and Thurs 2-4pm. This is a great opportunity for students to practice. Not supervised.
Adult USA-1 : USA Tennis 1-2-3 Program for the new adult player. This four-week program is for someone who has never played, or has not played for some time. For only $35 you will receive four one-hour group lessons, and the rules of the game. Rackets will be available during class time. Monday or Wednesday 1-2pm.
Private Lesson – If interested in private lessons please contact Jake Liu at 810-606-7493. $34 an hour or $17 half hour.
Wear light colored clothing. Bring a water bottle and wear sun protection and a hat. Student to teacher ratio is 6:1 max. To Sign-up call Dave Gasper 845-3125, Randy Michaelis 845-3984, Dr. Teal 845-7644. Make checks payable to Genesys Athletic Club.

**6:1 Teacher Student ratio