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Exercise Of The Month - SQUATS

During the last month you have been practicing your neutral alignment and have mastered the concept. If you did not have a chance to practice, don’t worry your chance has come again. This month, squats will be demonstrated which works the quadriceps and glutes. Begin slowly and focus on proper technique, starting with 2 sets of 6-8 repetitions per set.

Start by looking in the mirror and completing the following:
  • Place feet hip width apart-toes pointed start ahead-This position will now be called your athletic posture
  • Knees are slightly bent keeping them shoulder width apart for the entire movement. If you find knees tracking in or out put soft medicine ball between knees to hold form.
  • Find your neutral pelvis and squeeze your glutes to hold that position
  • Stomach tight (suck your naval to your spine) and keep your chest up
  • Shoulders back and down (act like a pencil is in between your shoulder blades)
  • Hands extended forward
  • Begin the downward movement with your glutes and pretend you are sitting (squatting) in a rocking chair, keeping your hips back with weight transferred to heels.
  • Hold at the bottom for a second, look down, you should be able to see your shoelaces, and then slowly push yourself up, putting the weight in your heels. Do not lock your knees at top of movement.
To increase the intensity pause for 1-2 seconds at the bottom of the movement or add dumbbells to your hands.

Keep practicing posture and add squats to your routine. Next month we tackle stride lunges!

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