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Make an appointment for a massage today! Therapeutic Massage

Feeling stressed? Are you sore from your workouts? Working too much?

Then try a Therapeutic Massage at the G.A.C. It helps improve performance, reduces fatigue and expedites the healing of injuries. Massage soothes and relieves the tight neck, shoulder, back and lower back pain so often associated with long stints of work at a desk, or driving a car. Massage is beneficial to anyone who believes that Self-care is synonymous with Health- care.

Here are the different types of massage's that will be offered at the G.A.C.:
  • Swedish Massage, very relaxing and uses traditional long soothing strokes to the muscle tissue and body surface.
  • Therapeutic Massage, similar to Swedish Massage, but a more gentle approach is incorporated along with some light stretching and guided breathing.
  • Polarity Therapy, an energy-based bodywork. Very gentle touching and rocking techniques are used to help restore the balance of energy in the body.
  • Acupressure/Shiatsu, an ancient healing art in which finger pressure is applied to specific sensitive points of the body.
  • Reflexology, a science where reflexes in the feet and hands are stimulated to improve circulation, also helps eliminate toxic bi-products and overall reduction of stress.
  • Acu-Massage incorporates Acupressure and Shiatsu bodywork techniques that help promote and maintain wellness in the body.
  • Chair Massage, Masseuse performs stress-buster Acu-Massage described above.
Review our price list and schedule your appointment today! Please call 606-7300 to schedule a convenient time for you. Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further, get them a gift certificate!