At Genesys Athletic Club (GAC) our desire is to help you reach your health, nutrition, and fitness goals. One of the ways we do that is by offering GAC University (GAC U) classes each month, at no additional cost. These are complimentary informational classes taught by our certified health coaches, certified personal trainers, registered dietitians, etc. GAC U classes cover a wide array of topics (that vary each month) to help inform, educate, and motivate you throughout your wellness journey.

GAC U is FREE for members and is also available to non-members for a nominal fee. However, sign-up is required. Learn more or sign up today at our Service Desk or call (810) 606-7300.

Tricia Clark

GAC University Manager

Contact | Phone: (810) 606-7518

Genesys Athletic Club (GAC) is about what matters most – your health. Optimum health is a delicate balance between physical fitness, proper nutrition, and mental well-being. Whether you want to lose weight, train, improve your eating habits, or reduce stress, GAC wants you to succeed and will be with you every step of the way.

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